My Journey into Photography

Hey, thank you for being here! I'm Angelina, my family and friends call me Lina. I'm a photographer based in Nova Scotia. I travel and work in the greater Toronto area as well and will again when travelling will be permitted again. I initially started Average Jane just for fun, maybe to rekindle my love for it, by which point I hadn't done professional photography in over a decade. Long gone were the days I worked as a second shooter for a wedding photographer downtown Toronto. I loved weddings, but I can honestly say, I wasn't ready at 19. The fear of failure kept me from pursuing this career, until it found me again, when my beautiful friend asked me to take photos of her on the beach (a paid job), and they were stunning because she is stunning... the rest I suppose is history. Eventually I registered Average Jane, because the name just stuck! I can't imagine it being any other name now... I sometimes get called Jane, and I just respond.

I love the name Jane.

Fear of failure... was a mistake of my youth, but if mistakes were a caterpillar, the end result would indeed be a butterfly... which sounds positively splendid. 

My Philosophy in Life


is to be kind, to be grateful, to love fully, and to forgive. I will treat everyone how I would want to be treated, but that's a tiny fraction in all of it. To me a human being is defined by their heart, not by their status.

When I'm not taking photos or editing them, I spend my days chasing after my girls, homeschooling them, feeding all of the pets I get suckered into buying for them (I love those critters too) :) ... and also co-running an indie game development company with my husband. We make games, and we get them published worldwide on consoles, physically and digitally... its a long story.  All I have to say is that 24 hours is not long enough of a day sometimes. 

Ambassador for Caroline Tran Education

Caroline Tran is this amazing human/Photographer who is  an educator for Photographers. I've been learning from her for the past year and I am blown away at the results. She attracts positivity and a wonderful group of people because that's who she is, kind, positive and also the best teacher I've ever had. If you are a photographer at any level, check her out by clicking that camera icon. 

Things I am so here for

Definitely coffee and cake! Long drives and sunsets too!


I am a huge supporter of women in business. I will root for their success, and cheer for them from the sidelines. I will always recommend my fellow photographers. They are rockstars and I'm in awe of the talent that surrounds me. 

and that's a little bit about me... welcome to my little e-corner of the world!


With Love from the East Coast

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Welcome to Average Jane Photography! If you are here looking for someone to document your family, wedding, special event, and even just out of curiosity. I am happy that you are here!

I'm Angelina - a storytelling photographer based in Nova Scotia,, who is excited to be a part of your story, sharing in the laughter along with you, while capturing the essence of all of your life's precious moments.

A V E R A G E  J A N E  P H O T O G R A P H Y

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