If I could place myself in the same headspace I was in three years ago. Wanting something that seemed so incredibly unattainable--I saw my end goal, but not the steps I needed to take to get there. And like most dreams, they begin as just simply that. A dream. A dream without a known direction. You find your road, only by first taking all the wrong paths, mistake after mistake; the wrong gear; the wrong aesthetic; the wrong pricing! Losing clients because you can’t deliver a consistent product… consistency is crucial!

Where I am today

What if I told you, there’s a way to skip all of that? There’s a way to jump the line and be successful without faltering?

When I came across Caroline Tran, she was like a shining light for my business, leading me, encouraging me. I went from being afraid of trying different methods, from learning artificial lighting that was not continuous, to walking out in the full sun and actually having confidence in being able to deliver beautiful images. I dread to think where I would be today without her. And she didn’t get to where she is overnight, but here is she now offering her invaluable time and expertise to help raise us up to our full potential. No college class, including photography class had ever opened me up the way that Caroline had. I can guarantee you, you’ll be left inspired and pumped to take on what you might currently be afraid of.

Where I was

That being said, skip the hurdles, skip all the wasted time and money, and the loss of clients. Invest in yourself, invest in your business by enrolling in Caroline Tran’s six week program. Currently at an incredible price until February 5th, far less than what my photography college class cost me once upon a time, and 110% more valuable.

Just look at the two maternity shots I've taken, recent one at the very top and the below of one of the first maternity shots I had ever taken. Both images are beautiful, but the above has always been where I wanted to get to, and Caroline has helped me get there, and she can help you get there too!!!

I can't wait for you guys to try it for yourselves!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Happy December,

The decorations are coming out and everything is beginning to look so beautiful and festive. It's wonderful to see all the decorated Christmas trees in the windows.

I know you guys have been asking where to print your holiday cards. Recently searching for new places to print them, I came across Basic Invite, and was straight up impressed. It is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. You can select a design and change the colour of every element, and have the card exactly how you want it. You can also order a printed sample, which no other service of its kind has allowed for before, you'll know what to expect as you'll see how it will print and feel the paper quality first before ordering a bulk order.

That’s not even the best part, if you’re like me, recipient addresses are just hand cramping to write them all out. A great chunk of my family and friends live 1800 km away so it’s a lot of writing for me. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders. What???!!! Yes!!!! You heard me right. I was sold at that alone. And if you like foil cards, they are available in gold, silver and rose gold.

Right now, they are offering 15% off with code 15FF51 on all other products

and 30% OFF ALL HOLIDAY CARDS with code: HOLI30

Prices for their holiday cards start as low as 1.07 CAD, if you're truly looking for the simplest option and don't have a fortune to spend, that's a really affordable rate, and adding 30% on that makes it .75 cents for a great quality print. I've tested so many places, but you'd really not find another place that is able to send you a sample of your order, and provide recipient address printing for free. It's pretty awesome!

Among some of their products and options you’ll find

Dinner party invite templates

Cheap holiday cards

Photos xmas cards

Look them up, check them out, and explore some wonderful options on their website @ Basic Invite. There is still time!




Big hugs and a little early Christmas cheer to you all! :)


Updated: Nov 17, 2020

It wasn't long ago that I had an absolute fear of dark days, so much so, that good days would dictate my schedule, or I would up my ISO... although my equipment can handle it, increased ISO was my last resort. The anxiety I felt, and the control that weather had over me, that was not an ideal situation.

If you are in the same boat as I was, I recommend a better boat for you, and it's out there waiting for you to get on board. I've been following Caroline Tran's education and resources for photographers for almost two years now. Caroline is a former Physics teachers, who has left teaching to run a thriving photography business for over a decade now. I have been so fortunate to have her as my mentor, if you've seen my growth, I can tell you, I would not be where I am today without Caroline's guidance, even with great distance between us, different time zones and all, the time she has invested into me has been so invaluable. Caroline is a natural teacher. She breaks down complex ideas into attainable pieces. You go from feeling anxiety, to feeling empowered. Her courses on All about Light and Flash will help you create beautifully lit photos in tough lighting situations, including harsh sun, dim rooms, and tungsten lighting.


So ultimately, you'll be able to take that dark lit room and turn it into the beautifully lit photo below... because dark days are GOOD days. They are days we can still do our best work, and there is no time like the present to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Especially when we have resources available to us to learn from one of the best in the photography business. Being a part of Caroline's community, it's such a wonderful, positive space where you'll be uplifted, inspired, and cheered on!!! I am so grateful for it all, so I am passing it forward to anyone who needs this in their life.

Here is to growth for all of us!

With all my love,


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