Happy New Year to all of you! It has been a while since I've written a blog post, but this year I plan to change that and post more frequently. Every month, if my schedule allows I will do creative shoots, pushing myself a little harder for the sake of creative growth, but also to achieve absolute consistency in my work. With two different camera bodies and different lenses, the main objective is to match editing seamlessly, and be 110% ready for wedding season, because anything less would just be unacceptable.

What can I tell you about this lovely styled shoot, I messaged Lyssa earlier in the week with some ideas and we made a plan to meet. We dressed her up in this beautiful combination of lace and tulle dress that she absolutely rocked, and just went outside of my house, because with the snow as the backdrop, we didn't need to venture far. Everywhere looked beautiful.

If you love snow, I have to say, photos in the snow, with an overcast, I think they are some of my favourite kind of photos. If you're looking for that dreamy softness, snow is a magical. The only challenge in the South Shore Nova Scotia is to catch snow in time, because with a day like today, all the snow is unfortunately melting away.

Flat lays: That's another form of art that I'm constantly working to perfect, and what I love about them is that you can absolutely do anything with them. I think they are an important part of planning, and so worth documenting during weddings. This wasn't a thing when I got married, but I wish it had been, because what a beautiful memory it is to have of all the little details tied together into a photo. After all the planning you put into a wedding, a decade later, you'll have a very vague recollection of what your invitations looked like, you may lose your shoes somewhere deep in the closet, like I had... until my husband dug them out a month ago. As you can see in the above image, (yes that's them, when you wear something once, you have to at least have a photograph for memory) I opted for comfortable ones--Ros Hommerson--two inch heels, and I truly stand by that decision to this day. Worth the price ticket for the sake of comfort.

The Dress: This beautiful dress I bought on sale online for around $30. For photoshoots, it's absolutely perfect and stunning. If you're planning to hire a photographer for a shoot and want a lovely dress like this, online is an amazing resource, between Amazon, Ali Express, CiChic (there's a ton similar to CiChic), just bear in mind that you may have to wait a month or two for the dress to arrive, so plan ahead, buy two sizes just in case, I'll buy the one off of you that doesn't fit and I'm not kidding. I've been finding myself buying dresses now and again, just in case, having a collection for photography is wonderful! You can never have enough dresses.

The Girl: Lyssa was amazing to work with. She is beautiful, she's wonderful, she's incredibly patient and kind. Thank you Lyssa for being a part of this!!!

And a little off topic, but Lyssa is also extremely creative with that Elf on the Shelf, I may have snagged a few of her ideas in December, because otherwise my elf would just literally sit on the shelf. I had to answer so many questions all the time on why that guy wouldn't move.. it's unreal. I'd just answer the question with a question, like a politician.

If you've made it this far into the post, thank you for reading. I look forward to a new year of many more creative shoots to come, they are invigorating.

To view the full gallery of the winter wonderland shoot, please follow the link: http://www.winterwonderland.averagejanewithanikon.com

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." -- Mary Lou Cook

On Sunday, like most days in our beautiful province of Nova Scotia, it poured an incredulous amount, and as I drove towards Lunenburg, slowing down at those dips in the road to avoid hydroplaning, all I thought about was how much I wanted to get this right. Rain or shine, I've been planning this styled shoot for the past two months. It was my first major creative shoot I have done, and I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without all the vendors who participated.

I really wanted to focus on small budget elopements. Elopements are so in right now, but more importantly, they focus on you completely. I can tell you from my own experience that most people won't remember your wedding, but you will. Make this day about each other, about love, about what brought you together in the first place. Your bank account will thank you for it.

The Boscawen Inn, it's an incredible venue, located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, just two blocks from the waterfront. They have 16 rooms, every area looks like it came out of Jane Austen's novels. If you want an intimate wedding, this place is simply amazing.

Oh Dina! makes breathtaking, one of a kind floral pieces, be it floral crowns for your hair, hair pins, boutonnieres, garlands for your table, bouquets. They look so incredibly real, you'll be amazed that they are artificial. Definitely check out her etsy shop. I had real flowers for my wedding, but you know what? they dried up, and I saved the dried roses, but no it's not the same. If I had to do it all over again, being able to keep my bouquet, perfectly in tact, it would be a dream come true. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/OhDinaFlowerCrowns

If you like vintage jewelry, like that beautiful ring, check out Elle Fulton on etsy, https://www.etsy.com/ca/market/elle_fulton again, you can find some amazing things, look like a movie star, without spending a fortune.

DC Cakes (Dawn Conrad) can pull off any cake. She created the little rustic cake for the shoot, and we cut into it to taste it, I have never tasted a more delicious piece of cake. That night, I end up having about a few more of those with a glass of milk until I couldn't eat anymore. It was that good.

True Love Locks and Lashes, Lindsay is an amazing hair stylist and make up artist, and her down to earth, wonderful personality will keep you at ease on your wedding day. She creates masterpieces out of people. I simply adore that girl, and have a grand of a time with her every time we are together.

Stan's Dad and Lads Shop, they have some gorgeous suits in stock. If you think you have to travel somewhere far to find a great suit, remember that a local shop is just located at 250 Lincoln St, Lunenburg. They'll treat you well and make you look like a million bucks on your wedding day.

The wedding dress I found online, and I paid only $90, it came from China but they had a service to customize the fit to your measurements. It felt like a $1000 dress. Don't be afraid to shop online, a lot of places accept returns now.

I ordered wedding stationary samples from Vista Print but they did not arrive in time, I designed my own, I have graphic design background and it takes me no time at all to do this kind of thing, but Vista Print is a great place with so many options.

Everything that I included in the planning for this styled shoot kept in mind budget, but did not sacrifice beauty. So don't be afraid to make your special day about you guys. You will be the one to remember the details. Do it for love, and invest the rest!

For a greater look at the styled shoot, you can visit https://www.refinedstyledshoot.averagejanewithanikon.com/page

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I'm really excited to say that I will be offering wedding photography services in 2020. I'll be taking on one wedding per month, so that I can truly focus all of my creativity on your special day. I want to capture all of the raw emotion on your wedding day. I want to let you see the spark and the love between you and your partner. If you want someone to capture moments that show true connection and love, please let me be the one to do that. My attention to detail will hopefully result in images that move you and everyone you know. I am a genuine human being and I won't be afraid to direct you, but also give you the experience that will only add so wonderfully to your day. It's a very busy day, and you need people around you who make you feel at ease. Who lift you even higher. Let me be the gal to do that for you, and we'll make some magical, incredible memories through the beauty of visual story telling.

Welcome to Average Jane Photography! If you are here looking for someone to document your family, wedding, special event, and even just out of curiosity. I am happy that you are here!

I'm Angelina - a storytelling photographer based in Nova Scotia,, who is excited to be a part of your story, sharing in the laughter along with you, while capturing the essence of all of your life's precious moments.

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