I don't know if I say it enough but I want to THANK YOU guys for being so amazing.

I'm a little bit late to the game of being (Thanksgiving) grateful. The truth is, I think we mustn't even wait for one day a year to show how grateful we are for one another--so let it be--this absolutely random rainy day in October when I express that gratitude towards all of you. You guys continue to invite me into your lives to document your amazing moments, and with these experiences, I continue to grow as an artist.

To think that just two and a half years ago, I had no confidence in my ability to make a go of this, I had no expectations, other than that I really enjoyed being behind the camera. Now, I can't imagine anything else. When I met Chris, I felt that way, like I was right where I needed to be, he had this gravitational pull. If our lives were already paved for the future, I could somehow feel that. He was the answer to a question I hadn't even asked yet. Almost fifteen years later, and he remains that answer for me. Photography evokes similar feelings. It's the answer to a question I had been running from for over a decade, only because I was just afraid I'd fail. I'll remain thankful to a photographer who saw potential in me, because if she hadn't, I'd probably not see it within myself to this day.

What I am also so thankful for and excited about is THIS creative SPACE that Joe, Josh and Jaimie at On Point Builders created for me. I can't wait for all of the beautiful--creative memories I will capture here, attached are some of the amazing moments I have already been so fortunate to document. I have been chasing light, and now it peers through my windows in abundance, and its luminance I am most grateful for.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I wish you all a most beautiful weekend and can't wait to photograph you at some point soon.



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