Project February - Pure and Simple

"We are time's subjects, and time bids be gone." William Shakespeare.

Model: Stella Maris

If there was ever a time to stop, to take a break, it would be so easy to lose yourself to idleness. I find even those nights when I choose to take away from sleep to scroll through Netflix, or Prime, and now the Disney Channel, I feel like I'm losing time. I'm losing time for purpose, for creativity, or most importantly sleep to re-energize.

And at times I need that, simple scrolling through title after title to wind up watching nothing. I find myself just browsing through the visuals, the shadows and lighting of the place holder photos, the photoshop jobs of movie titles, and that what I would have found once good enough, I see through different eyes.

These different eyes come from an abundance of practice and pushing myself to do better.

The February Project was purely, to keep it pure and simple. To revel in the white space and the grain. Stella rocked this beautiful tulle dress with sequins. I tried a different space/spot in my house where light didn't enter in as evenly as it does where I normally set up, and I haven't yet invested in a good strobe light as the good ones cost a small fortune. We made it work though with continuous light, we had fun, and the shoot resulted in some beautiful captures.

I'm definitely doing these projects for my creative growth, to experiment, to practice posing and direction without referencing to the image library of the internet, I want it to come naturally from my memory. But that's only half of it. I really enjoy working with others, no strings attached, just for social time and for creativity's sake.

Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on the February project. I so appreciate you tuning in.

Wishing you a beautiful day!



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